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Help For Teenage Problems

Posted by Teen Risk Resource Center

As your kids are leaving childhood and going into their teens, sometimes it seems that teenage problems are a whole unfamiliar world, unrecognizable by any other comparisons. Parents or guardians sometimes feel they have entered “no-man’s land” when it comes to trying to figure out what is bothering their teen so much. The sudden appearance of dynamic mood swings and changes in temperament that might even lead to violence is disconcerting, to say the least.


Don’t panic: this is not bizarro world

The first thing to recognize is that these and many other unfamiliar behaviors are all normal for this stage of growth and development. The second thing to understand is how teens need their parents now more than ever, despite how much it appears they want nothing to do with mom or dad. All that transpires can be terribly confronting and challenging to life on all fronts. It calls for a great deal of self-control and what almost seems like mystical understanding to get through it. Many parents find they can gain much-needed assistance to make it through these stages of growth when they find a long-term therapeutic program. When parents seek help early in this age transition, it helps the whole family successfully navigate the course of adolescence.


There is no substitute for the real deal

While modern life offers many conveniences to improve our standard of living, our advanced lifestyle can also create problems. From the foods we eat to how we produce those meals to the ways we connect with one another in communication, sometimes our children are relegated to a place of convenience for us as well. Their attentions are kept busy watching  screens filled with all sorts of interesting types of learning or entertainment. In reasonable doses, these technologies are fine. However, too much of a good thing can antagonize teenage problems. Further, access to the worldwide web introduces another layer of exposure that tends to create difficulties such as cyberbullying and a dependence on a false sense of security.


Recognize the need for structure

The sooner parents or guardians are able to learn and understand how they can facilitate their teens who are struggling with this stage of growth and development, the better for everyone concerned. Teens need access to their parents in all the ways that resemble a traditional lifestyle, including:

  • Healthy nutrition
  • Sufficient sleepExercise
  • Exercise
  • Routine

Teens behave in ways that seem antithetical to the traditional family scene. It is important to have regular meal times with everyone at the table. This provides an opportunity to be there and give teens a moment to relate. Regular bedtimes at a decent hour are essential for mental fitness for teens. They need those 8-10 hours of rest to be emotionally and mentally alert and balanced.


Adolescence can be confronting on all levels


Rejection is difficult for anyone, but it is harder to tolerate when it comes from your own children. Despite the distancing, this is the time your kids need you the most. Help and relief come through understanding what teenage problems represent. Peer pressure, daring exploits or dangerous pursuits can be thwarted with the guidance from resources such as a program designed specifically to ease the challenges through this transitional growth period.