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Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

Posted by Teen Risk Resource Center

If you’re the parent of a teen that’s having some serious behavioral issues or is dealing with addiction, the answer may be to look into boarding schools for troubled teens.

 Raising a teen is a challenge for any parent. As kids approach their teen years, they go through so many changes that it’s often difficult for a parent to understand the mood swings and changes in behavior. Parents may misinterpret the behavior and think they’re doing something wrong.


Raising a teen is especially difficult for a parent when their normally, sweet tempered child starts getting defiant


Getting to the root of behavioral changes

In the case of a teen that’s normal and doesn’t have any underlying issues, they’re starting to learn who they are and want to have more independence. The changes are hard to understand and may be totally out of character, but they’re a normal part of growing up. When a teen suddenly becomes defiant and doesn’t want to spend time with their parents, this is usually is just a typical teen showing their assertive side. Some changes to expect are:

  • New style in clothing
  • New or drastic hair change
  • Influenced more by friends than by family
  • Mood swings
  • Experimenting with alcohol or drugs



The at-risk teen

When a teen is dealing with serious problems at school, peer pressure, or issues with emotions or behavior, it’s more challenging for a parent. A troubled teen may resort to drugs or alcohol, skipping school, harming themselves, sexual promiscuity, or even more violent behavior. Warning signs to watch for:

  • Fighting that escalates
  • Habitual drug or alcohol use
  • Anxiety, sleeplessness, or bad grades
  • Extreme changes in weight
  • New friends that encourage bad behavior

Severe, negative behavior can result in problems with law enforcement or at school. Drastic changes could indicate depression. If your teen talks about suicide, seek professional help immediately. When your teen is dealing with anger or emotional issues, it’s important to establish boundaries and make them aware that they have to face consequences for their behavior. Try to determine why your teen is troubled and what triggers their anger.


Seeking professional help

It’s imperative to seek professional help for your teen if their behavior or emotional issues persist. Your teen is still developing emotionally, psychologically, and intellectually. Your doctor or a therapist is best qualified to deal with the problems your child is facing and can recommend the most effective course of action.


Residential boarding schools

It may become necessary to look into boarding schools for troubled teens. A boarding school that focuses on academics and helping your teen to be emotionally and physically stable can be very effective for severe cases. Residential boarding schools may accept teens for a year or longer. Your teen will participate in an academic program and have daily sessions with psychiatrists, social workers, and psychologists. Long-term residential programs, like boarding schools, have been found to be very effective in dealing with troubled teens.