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Do You Need Help For Your Troubled Teen?

Posted by Teen Risk Resource Center

You expected the teen years to be rocky. You knew your child would probably go through a difficult transition phase, a time to test the waters. Moodiness, outbursts, and pushing the limits are all par for the course. Wearing different clothes or a new hairstyle, getting piercings, or even sneaking a tattoo wouldn’t be a surprise either.


But you didn’t expect that all of your lives would be turned upside down. When your teen’s behavior becomes extreme, you might need help for troubled teens. There is a difference between normal, teen rebellion and a major issue.


Be on the lookout for signs that your child needs help that may be more involved than you can handle on your own


Signs that your teen needs help

It’s normal for your child to have mood swings. During the teen years, your child is at the mercy of hormonal changes. It’s also a time when your teen is facing many challenges and trying to make discoveries about identity. Emotional upheaval is to be expected. However, if your teen is going through extreme changes in emotions, be on alert. Depression, anxiety, and insomnia are all indicators that there could be a serious, underlying problem. If there is any mention of suicide, you need to seek help for troubled teens. Don’t ever brush off any kind of threat to do self-harm. If arguments with your teen cross the line to violence, if your child is behaving violently at school, or if there have been altercations with the law, your teen is in trouble. If your teen goes through extreme changes in appearance that are accompanied by negative behavior, you should be concerned. Any signs of substance abuse are red flags. These are all issues that are more than you can handle. It’s time to seek professional guidance to help your troubled teen.


Intervention is key

When you are dealing with a troubled teen, the most important thing to understand is that the problem isn’t going to go away on its own or resolve itself. If anything, it is only going to become bigger to the point that your teen could spiral out of control. There comes a time when your child could become a threat to himself or others. Try and handle violent outbursts on your own and you could both be hurt. Attempt to sugarcoat major, emotional problems and you could be dealing with suicide attempts. Ignore substance abuse and you could lose your teen. You can attempt to talk with your troubled child, proving that you care and want to help, but your teen may not listen. Even if your child comes to you for help, you may not have the resources to solve the problem. Long-term therapeutic programs are available to help your teen deal with life’s challenges.


Finding help together

With sources like the Teen Risk Resource Center, you can be guided towards a program that is an effective solution for your troubled teen. Whether your child needs outpatient counseling to overcome struggles or a residential treatment is  the best option, there are always answers. With the care provided by trained professionals, you can help your teen to make it through this tumultuous time in life in order to become a well-adjusted adult. It’s simply a matter of knowing where to turn. And the Teen Risk Resource Center is here to help.