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About Teen Risk Resource Center


Teen Risk Resource Center has been helping parents place their troubled teens into high-quality facilities for over a decade. We are very familiar with the programs out there and have watched many come and go. We have witnessed hundreds of teenagers and their families receive the tools needed for recovery. Whether you are dealing with defiant behavior or sexual misconduct, we can recommend the best school for your teen.

We can help locate the best long-term program for your child. We can put you in touch with the proper leaders and owners of these programs so that you can make an educated decision that will affect your child’s life in a positive way.

We feel confident that these long term Residential Treatment facilities can make the changes necessary for your teenager to become a productive, excited, goal oriented, successful adult.

We can:

  • Answer your questions regarding their program
  • Get you parent references from their program
  • Provide financial contacts

In some cases, we can even negotiate a discounted rate with them.

Please let us help you sort through the many program options for your teen. We can help you understand what each program can do for you and your family.