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Help for Your Troubled Teen.

There is a fine line right now between the decisions you must make for the health of your teen and the choices you need to make for the well-being of your family. Your decision in these troubled times may not be fully understood or appreciated; you might not even understand it yourself. You have shed countless tears over this decision and you’ve held on to the hope that someday:

  • Things will get better
  • I can help my teenager
  • Things will change

As parents, it’s hard to admit, “I can’t help my teen anymore.” This may bring on feelings of failure. It’s only failure when you give up trying to help. However, at this point, an out of the home program may be what your child needs.

We at Teen Risk Resource Center are here to assist you through the difficult decisions ahead. We would tell you that “tough love” is often the only love that will produce success in these troubling times. We will guide you through these decisions and help clarify the choices of “What program?”, “Which one is the best?” and to answer the “Where do we go from here?” feeling.

We can:

  • Answer your questions
  • Guide you to the right programs and websites
  • Provide you with parent references
  • Help negotiate rates
  • Address financial concerns
  • Help you arrange transportation

Please fill out our contact form and let us help you get started on the right path for your troubled teen. There is hope, there is help, and we are here for both.